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Before informing you about us, it is good to know what existing clients think of CasaXero.

This is organized by an independent organisation for buyers of foreign property: ‘Mondi’
Just click on this link Independent surveys on CasaXero
(you will also find English clients)

What is our website about?

We offer you  carefully selected Spanish property at the Costa Blanca.
We operate in the  ‘Costa Blanca North area’ , which is from the city of Javea going down south to El Campello.

Especially the inland with lots of nature behind the line of  Benidorm, Villajoyosa and El Campello has our special attention. Houses just at the beach will of course be offered to you also.

We would like to inform you about all the topics you should know when buying a Spanish house so you can enjoy fully the Spanish way of living without complications…

When we don’t have a house in our portfolio which suits you, we -free of charge- do a search on your behalf and bring you -as a potential buyer- into contact with other agents when we think they can offer you the right house for you.

Especially with these agents we have made a partnership which allows it for you we can service you free-of-charges when buying a house. Doing it this way you have a ‘buying agent’ at your side.

You can give us a search-order for FREE: we’ll do a search for you and you will pay nothing for it.

See eg the home page for the ‘Free search-order’ link.

Why should you choose us?    3 points :   ‘Positive’ + ‘Efficiency’ + ‘Proven Experience’

-1- Buying a property in a positive way
Our philosophy of buying a property in Spain: You don’t buy only a home, you also buy a living environment.

Buying in Spain is an emotion: it is difficult to keep your head clear because you are not an agent and you do not know the full bureaucratic processes which Spain unfortunately has a lot of…

Such an important decision as buying a house is, should not be associated with problems that are created when you “do not know the way.” No, such a decision should just go with positivity !
In doing so, you lay a foundation for yourself to enjoyment.
We see it as our main goal to give this positivity The buying process should be a fun and positive time where we will guide you all the way:
From starting with viewings, negotiations, contracts in your own language, to the notary, and finally the aftersales: all the way.

-2- Efficient information
You will find on our website – compared to most of the other agents- we present you a lot of photos and information.
This is done to make your search more efficient as in this way you will not have to visit properties and find out ‘it was not it’.

-3- Experience
We can state and promise that your property purchase through our intermediate will be done in a good, well and open run for you. This is also possible because our back office consists of experienced people who have earned their spurs. Most of them are English also and we will do the communication to you all in English, no problem!

Important is the experience we have gained in the real estate industry.
Since 1986 there where different positions which where fulfilled to the full satisfaction of our private and corporate customers.
If desired, we can provide you with reviews so you can convince yourselves that you have chosen for your right agent.

Obviously the independent surveys from our clients are the best example for you!

A very large number of agents operate without any Professional Indemnity insurance.
If you proceed with such an agent in a partnership, there is a (greater) chance of an unprofessional guidance. This applies to you as a buyer as well as a seller of real estate.

We provide a Professional Indemnity Insurance for all our clients, which gives you the assurance of knowing you are fully protected when entrusting the sale or purchase of your property with our Company!



Quality label ‘Mondi Professional’

Mondi is actively ‘separating the wheat from the chaff’.
The purchase of a property abroad must be a pleasant experience. It is a large investment that people have sometimes a lifetime had to work and save for . For prospective buyers, it is very important that it is clear which parties are qualified. That is why Mondi is committed to the Mondi Approved quality mark and the Mondi Professional quality label in a completely objective and transparent manner. Real estate agents, project developers and experts from related industries who invest in knowledge, skills and have a good reputation are of the utmost importance to a more transparent international real estate market. And this is what Mondi has been fighting for, for years and will continue to fight for.

Items that have been checked after which a real estate agent may call himself a Mondi Professional:

– Checking company data (international) trade register (s)
– Check of group relationships and structure of parent company and subsidiaries
– VAT number check
– Organization complies with laws and regulations for the exercise of the protected* profession of real estate agent or project developer
* laws and regulations may differ per country / region
– The company director / agent has signed Mondi Integrity Statement
– Check creditworthiness and score organization (for project development)
– Checking the presence of company or professional liability insurance with sufficient coverage
– Checking bankruptcy data on company and director for fraudulent conduct or improper management
– Director (s) and responsible adviser (s) have at least five years of practical experience
– Within one year after purchase, every client is requested to communicate the experience with real estate agent / broker / project developer via the assessment system of the Mondi interest group.