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Normally, you see a lot of news for buyers of real estate.
This, because it is the buyer who must be informed because it is the buyer who goes into a mostly unknown process with a purchase abroad.

Yet, information to sellers can be a good help to buyers also.
It is known that the English have a lot of properties in Spain and if they want to return to their country they will have to exchange the ‘Euro’  to their ‘Pound’. It is the exchange rate for the British sellers who can have a significant impact on negotiating a purchase price with buyers.
At present, the exchange rate of the pound is low and thus a seller will regain more Pounds for his Euro: thus a seller has more room for negotiation where a buyer can naturally join its advantages!

The graph shows that there is (still) space.
In history, you will see a decline that began when it the Brexit was discussed…

My advise for you as a buyer: ask whether a seller is English!

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